How to get skunks out of window well

Pennsylvania skunks are often seen as a pest. They have an awful odor and most certainly all carry the rabies virus. There are so many places skunks can get stuck but the most popular is by far a skunk stunk in a window well. People are then drawn to take certain steps in order to get rid of them from their property. In order to get a desirable result, you will need to follow certain strategies. Skunks should be captured in a live trap and then relocated to a different place. Most people opt to just kill the annoying creature however this is inhumane and unethical not to mention illegal in some places.

There are several Reading skunk repellants available to buy if you prefer not to trap and release. Skunks are often seen in window wells and they may very well be stuck, or they can just be residing there. There are steps to follow when dealing with this situation and there are different ways to deal with this.

The simplest solution is by taking a wooden board and putting it down in the window well. This will give the skunk, something to support him and he will climb up and out of the window well. Be cautious after the skunk is out it can turn and attack, so it is best that once you have placed the board in position then hide somewhere out of sight until you see the skunk is able to get out successfully.

There is the option of using a fish net to get the animal out, but this has been known not to work so well. The skunk can also spray you so controlling the situation can be more difficult.

Using an excursion barrier
This is one of the humane ways to make sure Reading skunks are not getting inside your window well. This won’t allow them to get inside or anywhere near the window to be able to fall inside. This is the best option to prevent the unnecessary stress when it comes to trying to get the skunk out from the window well.

If you feel you don’t have the know how or the confidence to get a skunk out of a window well in this situation it is best to call in the professionals who can catch the skunk and relocate it.

Skunks are constantly on the search for food. Homes and gardens are always a great place for skunks to scavenge for food. This is most often why skunks are found in window wells. Skunks don’t sense the presence of window wells when they are scavenging for food they are unaware of surrounding danger and don’t know the well is there until they find themselves stuck inside it.

The best precaution for keeping them away from window wells is to prevent skunks in your yard all together. There are several replants on the market to help deter skunks. Most importantly make sure the yard is clean, clear of clutter and has no food sources.

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