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We are Reading Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Reading, PA. It does not matter what kind of animal you have a problem with, our technicians are professionals in handling any kind of critter. We take care of mammals and reptiles, safely capturing them and removing them or using techniques that get the animals out of your house so they are not able to get back in. While we are able to provide animal removal for all animals, including skunks, rats, mice, raccoons, possums, gophers, and many more, we specialize in bird control services. We understand that animals like pigeons and other roosting birds can do a great deal of damage around your house. Plus, they can be a gigantic nuisance, building nests in and around your roof, deck, or porch. We use proven techniques that keep these animals away, allowing you to have a peaceful, quiet home, free of bird waste. This is one of the biggest concerns many of our customers have. Bird urine and feces can be a serious health risk to you and your family, this is why we use techniques that are sure to keep these animals away, so you can feel safe about letting your kids and pets play outside. Call today and we will send a technician out to provide you with a free estimate. There is no obligation, so find out how we can best serve you price you can afford. Call us now at 570-299-3370 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Reading Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to keep opossums out of my garbage cans

Opossums are wild animals and they have to hunt for their food in order to survive. Usually, they get their food from small snails, insects, fruits and vegetables that can be found in gardens, and through garbage cans. This is especially the case if they are near an urban area.

Opossums usually love to forage inside the garbage cans at night. If you find an opossum, you should also look if it has a youngsters hiding inside its pouch. The mother opossum usually carries her babies around while spreading the garbage on your driveway.

Are opossums harmless?
They are generally harmless and gentle creatures. However, they are still from the wild and should be treated as wild animals. Gentle will not stop them from tipping your garbage cans outside of your doors. If you find yourself facing scattered garbage one morning, you might have to look out for opossums that love to do this nasty work.

Here are some tips on how you can protect your garbage cans
Get a trash can that has a lid on it. It has to be made of metal or aluminum and it should be impenetrable. Plastic trash cans might not work since opossums or raccoons can gnaw at it during nighttimes. You can ask your local department store on what are the best trash cans that will prevent wild animals from foraging them. Don’t leave your trash cans open. If possible, let the garbage collectors tow away your trash before you sleep.

Get a secure lid or a handy lock system. You can tie a cord on your garbage cans so that opossums will not be able to open it. If possible, you can also use cords to securely knot the lids shut. The handles should be secured so that the opossums won’t be able to access your garbage cans.

You can try to put a heavy object on the lid. However, you have to secure this in place as you don’t want to see a dead opossum in the morning. The heavy weight might fall down on an unsuspecting opossum and crush them.

You can try to sprinkle ammonia or repellent to your trash cans. Opossums do not want any bad smells when they are eating. They are also not immune to repellents. A cloth that was soaked in ammonia can be used to make opossums leave. The downside of this is that, if the opossums are extremely hungry, they are not choosy about what they eat no matter the smell. They can still tip your garbage cans, look for some edible fruit to eat, and take it elsewhere.

Need additional help?
If nothing works, you can always contact a professional pest control company. Even if opossums are milder compared to rats and raccoons, if they cause harm to your property, you should bar them from getting access to it as soon as possible. Do your research and choose a professional who can get rid of the opossums for you.